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Meet Our Courier Fleet Based in Essex

At Tasito Despatch LTD, our robust and diverse Courier Fleet is the backbone of our reliable delivery services. Based in Essex, we are equipped to transport cargo of any size across the UK, ensuring your parcels reach their destination safely and on time. Discover how our fleet sets us apart in the courier industry.

Comprehensive Delivery Solutions 

Nationwide Deliveries 

Fully Insured

Meet Our Courier Fleet

Our courier fleet is composed of a wide variety of vehicles, each suited to different types of cargo and delivery requirements. From small vans for local deliveries to larger lorries for bulk shipments, we have the right vehicle for every job. This diversity allows us to handle everything from small packages to large, heavy goods with the same level of efficiency and care.

Small Van

  • Length - 1.3 Metres

  • Width -  1.2 Metres

  • Height -  1.0 Metres

  • Max Weight 400kg

  • Up To 1 Pallet


  • Length - 2.1 Metres

  • Width - 1.2 Metres

  • Height -  1.4 Metres

  • Max Weight 800kg

  • Up To 2 Pallets


  • Length - 3.3 Metres

  • Width - 1.2 Metres

  • Height -  1.7 Metres

  • Max Weight 1000kg

  • Up To 3 Pallets


  • Length - 4.2 Metres

  • Width - 1.2 Metres

  • Height -  1.75 Metres

  • Max Weight 1200kg

  • Up To 4 Pallets

Luton Van

  • Length - 4.2 Metres

  • Width - 2 Metres

  • Height -  2.1 Metres

  • Max Weight 1200kg

  • Up To 6 Pallets

18T Lorry

  • Length - 7.3 Metres

  • Width - 2.4  Metres

  • Height -  2.7 Metres

  • Max Weight 26000kg

  • Up To 26 Pallets

Speak with us today, to book a delivery with our robust Courier Fleet.

Choose Tasito Despatch LTD for all your delivery needs. Our extensive courier fleet, combined with our commitment to quality and reliability, makes us the perfect partner for transporting your cargo across the UK. Contact us today to learn more about how our fleet can support your delivery requirements.

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